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Paperband is the new vegetal fiber that allows to combine the application of ancestral techniques with the use of contemporary materials.


Its origin and production is Japanese, Paperband is recycled paper of excellent quality, recyclable and biodegradable.

Paperband can be divisible up to twelve flexible and maleable threads. If you combine it with other materials such as fabric, wood, iron or ceramic, Paperband can be worked dry or moistened with water to achieve multiple shapes such as spirals or chrysalises.

Tradition and innovation intertwine to create a new future in product design, interior design and fashion accessories.

Its features make Paperband an ideal material to be used in the furniture manufacturing, wall covering, upholstery, interior design, decorative solutions, craft, window dressing, scenography, ephemeral spaces...


Here you can consult the complete Technical data sheet of Paperband.


Panels: bed heads, step doors, wall covering, closet doors

Weavings: seat and backrest of chairs, light screens, folding screen, rugs, bags

Contemporary basketry


Material for crafts and Fine Arts

bobina de Paperband


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