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Paperband KAMI

Our supplier is the only global manufacturer that handles the entire Paperband production process: from the selection of recycled paper to the finished product, thus controlling quality at all stages of the production process. Paperband is subjected to horizontal and vertical stress tests, color tests, elasticity, absorption and permeability.


Paperban KAMI

Paperband has been validated by the team of material engineers of the FAD (Fomento de las Artes y el Diseño de Barcelona) and by CETEM (the Murcia Furniture and Wood Technological Center) as an innovative vegetable fiber, suitable for design.


papel reciclado_BN.jpg

The use of virgin fiber in the manufacturing process is minimal, allowing to produce finished products 100% recyclable and biodegradable. From KAMI, we optimize the import filling containers and choosing friendly companies with the environment, thus minimizing the ecological footprint of the material.

Naturally, paper

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