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The paper cord or thread is the new option against raffia, material in disuse process in organic and sustainable agriculture due to its non-compostable plastic component. KAMI paper thread is 100% biodegradable, recyclable, reusable and is not aggressive to the soil or plants.

As it is manufactured in different diameters, it is applicable to a great variety of plants of different weights, whether or not they are climbing and/or for use with the technique of bagging fruits in paper bags, being used to tie them to the branches of the fruits.

The cord is usable both in greenhouses and outdoors, where it resists a minimum of three months under inclement weather. When it gets wet it swells, returning, when drying, to its size and initial turning.

Its use is recommended not only in sustainable agricultural production but also in traditional production due to its positive effects:

 · There is no need to remove it from the ground, which saves time and costs

 · Can be used for compost because it is biodegradable

 · Recyclable material, which can revert in income due to its collection and sale

 · Climbing plants do not need to be guided to curl. Being organic material the plant is twisted to the thread in a natural way

For the cucumber it is recommended to use the 2 mm diameter cord (Code No. 12) while for the tomato the ideal cord is the 2.3 mm cord (Code No. 15).


The diameter to be used as a substitute for the raffia is 1.5 mm in diameter (Code No. 8) due to its similarity in thickness and weight. The paper cord is ideal both for use directly in the crop and in packaging in bunches of vegetables and plants.


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